Bryan Clayton ~ The Drop-In

It naut ouftin I git visitis in he’e. Ah tirnt tih see ‘im, the figyah ein thi blaaick.

Heh shyeah. Luh’ like yi kippin’ ‘er cleen doh, ‘r s’dis jist fer me?

Siries sheit Cl’rk, wer yi beein sa lahng? Cl’rk feixed hiss’lf uh cheirh frim one’h thi woolls. Thim woolls kipt me’n miyne tr’pped fer sa lahng ‘n ‘e jist so browke me wers wid it. Ah’ll ah kin doo’s steir at ‘im.

‘E throws uh saaick awn thi grawnd ‘n it slows rot before it heeits mah leg. Gah yi som’ gooid theyis time, freyind. Ah riched out ‘n filt thi clah’th Cl’rk ulways’d used win ‘e kitches a meeil. Yi no what thaait is?

Caain’t kwat till yi who, if thaait’s what yi mean. Thi clah’th steal beeits under mah hand. Least it’s still warm, last tom I ate heat wiz win we rode tigeth’r, out theeire, ramember? Nothin’ but seayick rats and birds fall’d down mah hole no more, col’er ‘n deader theein mah legs now, Cl’rk. Wer yi beein, Cl’rk?

Who yi theyinks beein drawppin thim food down heeire, the weyind? Thee gottih be pritty stupid ti fall do’n all thaait way all awn their ownsome. Thi body under thi clah’th grew col’er, ‘n ah wizn’t about ti waaiste thi heat. Ah fleeipped up thi clah’th, ah ulways’d knew Cl’rk, you’ve beein hulding out awn me. Ah leyit mah fingers freely deeig intuh thaait body, soakin mah skeein, hopin thi warm would accomp’ny me uh leyittle longer. Ah sit up ti geeive mah crook’d jaw uh braay’ik ‘n admah’er mah four solid woolls. Naw’ baaid Cl’rk, yi ain’t baaid.


Bryan Clayton studies in the suburbs of Chicago and contributes to his Creative Writing Club and literary magazine Horizons. Fresh-faced and ready-for-action, Clayton holds a clean slate in the writing community and is focusing on getting into the game.



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