Goulash (Gulyás in the original Hungarian) is primarily a soup, or stew, comprised of various and sundry ingredients, both hearty and well-spiced. In both Czech and Slovak, Guláš means “mishmash”. Here, DM ~ GOULASH celebrates well-spiced letters brimming in colorful tastes, tones, styles, and voices, an international literary stew to satisfy bookish hungers for characters we have never met, images we have not yet dreamt, voices from afar – and within – we may never have otherwise heard. Featuring nearly fifty fictions, poems, and rare macabrely from beyond the grave, DM ~ GOULASH will not only satiate your imaginative appetites but slake your thirst for colour and zest in an increasingly deflavourised cultural landscape.

DM Goulash

Galerie d’Artistes

Gale Acuff ~ Eric Basso ~ Mark Baumgartner
Benjamin Blake ~ Susan Botich ~ RDM Cerello
Anton Chekhov ~ Tasha Cotter ~ Geoffrey Detrani
Arthur Elck ~ Rachael Engel ~ Róbert Gál
Melinda Giordano ~ Tom Gribble ~ Sahag Gureghian
Ray Hadley ~ Samuel Harr ~ Danny Herman
Roxanne Hoffman ~ Ani Kachbalian ~ William Keener
Michael Keith ~ Penn Kemp ~ Barbara Kussow
J. Sheridan Le Fanu ~ Mikhail Lermontov ~ Peter Marra
Kim McCullough ~ Luigi Monteferrante ~ George Moore
Jenn Marie Nunes ~ Orlaith O’Sullivan ~ Ellen Orner
Bob Priest ~ Michelle Reale ~ Kayley Thomas
Darby Tench ~ Karolina Waclawiak ~ Jeffrey M. Wallmann
Max West ~ Frederick Zydek

DM ~ Goulash

* perfect for adding warm spices to dreary winter commutes
* environmentally friendly – no trees or small bookstores were killed in the production of this volume
* deliverable in seconds to your kit, printer, or phone
* not assembled under candlelight with quill & inkwell in a garret


Manga, manga!


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