Peter Marra ~ Night Shreds

a handle of revenge
she knows an apocalypse of a heart
a twitch of the brain
a song of a night
secret dirty things
the assassination of the censors
the chanting
heard behind her
placing a curse on her

it rises secretly
kisses each set of lips
grazing flesh
sing of pleasure


if she could
she would have lived that one more fantasy
that returned all of the charges against her
her face softened, inches from the hair
the soft lips slightly moved
taste buds burned

one orgasm from a terrorist organization
shot dead in full as she swayed side to side
watching pumping
ripping inside herself
as the prey shivered
more than its money’s worth

the cars never drive by anymore
she hadn’t seen her family in years
the avenues watched her and accused her until
she couldn’t weep anymore
fuzzy and dark,
she touched a small piece of moist medical data

rabid steel cars
shiny new joys rusting
in the las vegas desert
right outside the casinos
her portrait etched in sand
that burned her bare soles

the other plaintiffs never knew that we were pulling away
our fingertips touched,
the victim’s blood on our hands
sealed us as blood brothers
we were wasted under the Nevada moon
flashbulbs cracking

our sweat combined to change light to dark
she loves our pleasure
praising the death of victims
who were never meant to live

the long hair of selection
which lived under her black velvet skirt
looking out onto death
it heard the window she spoke
about hiding in solitude
the voice startled
pulling her solid bliss apart
a slip of paper

she grabbed the note
writing down her thoughts for the day:
to be nude walking in the sand
cleaned of stains by the twisted zephyrs

a baptism for a new mind erasing the actions of yesterday
the vanishing point is out of reach
no natural light

shred the other night that is becoming disturbingly soothing
she knew it was best
soft and locked

this otherwise absent creation of characters hurt her deeply

she set the empty plate aside
I always stared at her to prevent an approach.
she grabbed a straight razor
as they cowered helplessly in the corner
she stated that her pussy is the sexiest thing on the stage
a buzz went through her as she cut
Music was stolen for his tongue
deep into her
within an instant she was on top and the
salesgirl breathed her last
check the site the pictures are all there
check the videos out
play them really slow for
maximum effect and comprehension
to know why this happened

I collapsed on her
just some trash
littered with souls

as we lay there panting
our taste buds exhausted

afterwards we made it to the car
the soft rumble of the V-8
soothed our jangled nerves
as we drove off
without saying a word
into the sliced evening
that was arriving
our memories in the trunk started kicking frantically





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