2 by Suzanne Grazyna

Memento Mori

A ten act play to remember death is imminent:

Lights up.

I Victorian death photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Cut out a piece of your heart and glue it in a locket.

II Five cent hobo coins

Even the indigent need currency to cross the river Styx. Close your eyes forever and see me on the back of your eyelids.

III The Death card in a tarot deck

You reap what you sow.

IV A necktie of rope tied as a noose

Is it too loose? Tighten to break the hyoid. A necklace of bruise.

V Yorick’s skull on desk adorned with flowers

You knew him. Well.


VI Santa Muerte, or Our Lady of the Holy Death

Light her candle of black. She protects all tar pit souls.

VII Rocks placed on gravestone

To ensure you won’t be getting out anytime soon. Know your place.

VIII Sugar skulls, marigolds, altars for the Day of the Dead

Dried yellow petals dust the bread.

IX Clocks, watches, an hourglass, the passage of time

Tiny grains of sand. Little tombstone rocks ticking the hours of life away.

X A reaper on your shoulder

An evil dashboard saint whispers in your ear, “I am coming. I am coming.”

Curtain Call



In the beginning the holes bore witness.
Eyes within the reading of palms,
blind to eventual inhumation.

In the end the holes dripped black.
Ectoplasmic Animus.
Poison pools of it vibrate along with the dirge,
seepage collected in a silver chalice
by a bloodghost in a palladium surplice.

He brandished his smoldering blow-torch,
the same one I used to push him away.
Returned to dust,
my ossuary placed at the base of Golgotha.
With taciturn suffering in his ashen heart,
his dulcimer played an elegy of regret for me.

Strumming a larynx with no strings,
rushing fast on broken wings.
The dead sing of melancholia, decrepitude,
and dreams.


Suzanne Grazyna‘s work has appeared in Danse Macabre before, along with 13 Myna Byrds, Wicked Alice, Otolith, Menacing Hedge, and Sein und Werden, among others. Her poem White Box has been nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize, courtesy pf Sein und Werden. Her chapbook “flight” is published by Dancing Girl Press. These works are from her new manuscript “For the dead travel fast.” Suzanne is a Shakespearean actor and writer living in California with her feline overlord. “Men with tattoos are much appreciated.”
Dziękuję, Suzanne!




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