Tre selezioni da Commedia

Kenyon Cox
The Octopussycat

I love Octopussy, his arms are so long;
There’s nothing in nature so sweet as his song.
‘Tis true I’d not touch him—no, not for a farm!
If I keep at a distance he’ll do me no harm.

* * *

Holly Day
Beethoven and Fred

Beethoven, half deaf, heard music
In his head, conducted symphonies in an empty room
Lauded as a genius.
Fred, half dead, hears voices
In his head, gives lectures on string theory
To anyone who’ll listen.
Play “Für Elise,” or really, any stock Beethoven
and Fred will tell you how planets hum
like harpsichords, how LVB was just transcribing
the vibrations coming up through his feet.
You can’t talk to Beethoven
about Fred
because he’s dead.
I picture the two sitting together
on a bus stop in Chicago
hands waving wildly with excitement like
angry flocks of pigeons
lost in deep conversation,
or just lost.

* * *

Penn Kemp
Couplet du commedia

Re: Verse

Purr verse
In verse
Dis course
Tra verse la la
Die verse


Is a lute dissolute?
Only when it doesn’t play.

* * *

The above works appear in the new anthology
from DM Publications and Hammer & Anvil Books.
Treat yourself to COMMEDIA today!

DM Commedia cover




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