KISMET is the apt title for a new anthology from Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine that combines the fierce lyricism of Iranian poet Ali Abdolrezaei, the raw story-telling energy of Roberta Lawson, the keening poetic notes of Peter Weltner, the supernatural cosmopolitanism of Diana Pollin, the post-punk balladry of Peter Marra, and the unmistakably classical craft of J. Sheridan le Fanu. Never once is a dull chord struck in this remarkable volume.

Kudos to Abol Froushan for his gorgeous translation of Ali Abdolrezaei’s sinuous poem The Road, which opens this bravura collection. It should come as no surprise that Abdolrezaei is considered one of the leading voices of a new generation of Persian poets. What does it mean to be a poet in exile? To live far from one’s homeland and still try to work one’s craft? We leave you with these words from Abdolraezai to his readers—and to all the fortunate readers of KISMET:

You should try hard in this hide-and-seek
and run like a dog after other dreams
Black and white films are out of fashion
you’re no longer the actor in whose eyes girls tore their blouse…

Kismet cover

DM pub mozartskull


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