Advice to the Writer

Sit down–to judgment; yours…Wrap silence about
As a warrior of some plains tucks blanket’s folds,
A well-cured robe’s edge. Take time: sniff; feel cold:
Connect to warmth, note details, sky. Your bounds
Are not a cave’s, a cell’s that mures up thought,
The prison of your fellows’ stupidity,
Failed government’s misrule–your thoughts are free
To redefine, be logical…What’s wrought
By you turns yours alone, if you will take
Responsibility’s stout spear in your two hands.
To hunt’s to risk; but to absorb failed plans,
Failed values, and failed ends is worse than hate
For oneself and for Time–a kind of death…
Sit down; judge; weigh; remake; reform; carve new–
Do something (that is you) with life, strength, breath.


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