Roxanne Hoffman ~ Said the Rock Dove to the Puddie Cat

Pardonnez-moi, mon cher chat!
Please excuse my interruption to your nap
for I must cross your belly. “Why?” you ask.
Well, to get to the other side, of course,
where the grass is greener and the roses rosier,
and if I may confide a top-secret secret
on a strictly confidential, need-to-know-only basis,
where I have lately spied,
the buxom beauty who will be my blushing bride,
trampling your Queen Annie’s untied laces.
Perhaps, you’ve seen her, my little chick-sa, waddling by
with no puffed-up daddy strutting at her side,
and heard the rhapsodic rustle
of her brimming bustle as she does the hustle
across the neighbor’s yard in search of
delectable delicacies among the grasses.
Today, I’m going to offer this loveliest of all the lasses
my handsome blue-barred self in marriage,
I’m certain that once she beholds
the grandeur of my courtly carriage,
the unrivaled iridescence of my purple plumage,
and carefully considers the crescendo of my crow
and the innuendo of my croon,
that she will bestow
her charms and agree to spoon.
So arrivederci my dear pussy e grazie molto
for this most pleasant chat, my kitty kat,
as I must now ask your leave if I am to receive
the aforementioned lady’s undivided attention
and achieve my good and proper intention to propose
before that rascal checkered cock from down the block
shows up to make a cuckold mockery of this proud and regal rock
were he to dare to drive away my lady love
from her devoted doting dove.


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