Eric Basso ~ Vivurka

I think I saw one once
on the Charles Bridge in Prague

the vivurka is said to be
indigenous to Central Europe
but only the mad monk
Theodoric of Melk has left us
anything like a detailed description
which hardly anyone still believes

for what I saw on the bridge
was nothing more than a blur
a churning of dust by wind that
changed direction several times
before it scampered off to
the tolling of a vesper bell

if the vivurka exists at all
it must be in constant motion
day and night to survive
for not even the whirlwind
can reconstitute itself after
being destroyed by destroying
everything that lies on its path

if the vivurka sleeps does it die
or stir endlessly in its dream

is it the haunting ground
of a perpetual insomnia
the needful ghost we dream
to make the illusion real


April 24, 2008

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