Kevin Ridgeway ~ Vacation in a Western City

on the poisoned end of the city
where the spiritual tumors
slowly melt beneath the sun
shopping cart homes
being pushed along the boulevard
the sidewalks with its petals of glass shards
the view from the hotel window
is a junkyard with wild dogs

sinking bottled ships in the bathtub
surrounded by
Styrofoam takeout containers
hosting a flurry of red ants
temples throbbing
as housekeeping bumps
the vibrating walls with roaring vacuums
churning this buttered hangover

Staggering from the
Vacationland liquor store
passed the hypodermic needles
floating in stagnant waters
sipped at by plagues of night flies
and drift back into the pine fresh maze
of empty hotel halls

Will all cities
look like this
post apocalypse
or is it just nestled within
an imagination
turning with violent
sparks of paranoia
in desperate need of
a vacation of its own



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