Bruce D. Price – FOUR POEM POEMS

Unexplored POEM

In the jungle of this poem
rainbows spring from your gaudy body,
and orchids, angry and artful,
scream into flame.

Through the vines of your tenacious desire
swing blind monkeys, screeching
Insults and loathsome truths
you shudder to hear.

Crocs wait
in the sullen pools of this poem,
always friendly to your hot flesh;
and piranhas as quick as your fearful eyes
flick up to your fancies
and leave not even bone.

In this poem’s green shadows
agile killers study your silhouette
against a wavering sun.
Through a haze of heat and sweat
you struggle on, proud to have
discovered a poem to die in.


Let’s do it now,
don’t think so much,
quick, before someone
notices, read me,
feel me, right here,
oh, my God….don’t stop,
I’m going to scream….
Whew, Jesus….Now didn’t that
feel good? Want to do it


this poem is a dream
you wish to escape

if only you would awake
you could forget this poem

words pursue you through
the white pages of this dream

the voices you hear have
been spoken by this poem

people reach out, they live
here, they dream of you

now you smile, eager to dream
on, but the poem is fa d i n g


This poem has no manners
and less conscience. Kneecaps
a specialty.

You don’t want to meet
this poem in a dark alley.
You may not see the face
but you won’t forget the laugh.

Whadaya say to a 300 pound poem?
“Excuse me, I was just leaving.
No, no…I was not reading you…”

Relax! Maybe this poem will
let you live another day.
Maybe not.

Die, fool.

Bruce Deitrick Price is the author of five books, an artist, poet, and education reformer. He likes to claim that his “Theoryland” is the best long poem in contemporary literature.


One comment

  1. Regarding my Poem Poems…
    I invented this phrase many years ago to describe a poem that is talking about itself or to itself. The poem becomes alive. I thought I’d really stumbled into a whole new world. I was so excited….I wrote about eight that I really loved. But then I found I could not write any more at that same level.
    My main education site is (Theoryland is #14 on this site.)
    Bruce Deitrick Price

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