Brittani Schulist – GRIM SKIES

Hatred and betrayal fill her cloudy skies,
Where it pours due to deep despise,
She braves her own storm alone.
In class she’s as quiet as can be,
Fakes a smile so you will never see,
Everything going on underneath.
The putrid hate nobody would believe,
Sadly conceiving, hardly breathing,
That everything is just fine,
Broken inside, no-one will ever find,
Her soul lurks in the dark,
Waiting for someone to spark,
A feeling nobody else could,
But who’d care about someone like me?
Her heart aches with sorrow,
That just maybe tomorrow,
She won’t awake another day.
But on the outside she’s calm and clean.
Her darkest hour turns to black,
As everyone’s knives cut into her back,
The real faces never tend to surface,
Yet they change at the slightest instance.
The scolding looks, they never stop,
Until the time someone calls the cops,
To come to confusion of her limp body,
Turn’s heads as someone says
There she is, are we the reason of her own deathbed? Now who’s sorry?
Brittani Schulist enjoys singing and dancing, yet plans to become a Special FX makeup artist in the future. That way she can prove that anything is possible to create with your imagination. She expresses herself through twisted and weird ways, which also describes her fashion sense.


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