Gretchen Porier – FIVE POEMS


Two of Mother Earth’s Children
Creating a bonded foundation
Integrating harmonized qualities;
Peaceful Love
Radiant Devotion
Inseparable Dreams
Linked in Spirit,
To form a unique oneness
Solely envisioned to endure;
Life’s tribulations and idealism
To traverse, to undertake, the adventures of the sea of matrimony

Amorous Nights

Soft Cooing, whispered secret greetings
Nuzzling; Tender touching
Soft crisp winter moonlight
Guides the nightly routine
Rocking…rocking….rocking, in the veiled light
Warmed by the closeness
Soft mouth and cheeks pressed to the flowing curve of the neck
Warm milky breath sighs contentment
Sweet giggles with open smiles
Little fingers exploring
Eyes rimmed in dark lashes scanning:
Mouth, teeth, eyes, brows, neck…
A chilly hand tucks into a secret pocket with a sly grin
Soft hands embrace cheeks
Strong luminous eyes
Examine …
The Soul
Delicate kisses, Loving embrace, precious slumber

Shadow play

I walk forward
You grow small
I walk back
‘You grow big
My arms out
Your arms out
Wobble, wobble,
Wiggle, wiggle
Together we dance in the sun
Patterns on the wall that don’t scratch off
Round and round I turn and you are there
When I lay down you disappear

The Lake House

A retreat of peaceful contentment
Where all our loves have come to play
The melodic hum of nature serenades us to rich slumber
Moonshine and star glimmer guide us to dreams of memories long ago lived
A tucked away spot on the shore where time stands still; the world fades from thought
Love, Laughter, and Song surround us in the fire light

Misty Morn

Dawn breaks over the hillside
The fog thick and swirling
Birds’ Song
Easy movement down the lane
Anxiety rising with anticipation of what lies ahead
The smell of dew on grass, muddy creek banks, the pure scent of mist fill my nose
First light glistens on the water; babbling and gurgling over age worn stones
Feeling the current of the water, the ease of breath, hearing and sensing bird flight
Every ounce of self, heightened, and yet……
All is still and void
The movement of the soil and creepy crawlies within
The breath of the breeze
The sigh of the trees
All is living with spirit
All is connected
No longer can I feel where I end and all the world begins
All is one
I feel my spirit soar!
G.E. Porier is a wife, mother, and massage therapist; who loves to write. A native of upstate New York, to include the Finger Lakes and Adirondacks, Gretchen uses her country upbringing and love of nature as a basis for her writing.
She is a 2000 graduate of SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor of Science. In 2003 Gretchen graduated The Finger Lakes School of Massage with a certification in Therapeutic Massage and Hydrotherapy, and went on to take the NY State board and National exam to become a licensed massage therapist.
Since 2004, Gretchen, has been learning the teachings of the Native American culture; increasing her awareness with the energies of life and strengthening her deep connection to nature.
G.E. has been an active writer since high school by maintaining a journal, writing poetry, and working on novels. Gretchen’s inspiration to write children’s books came after the birth of her daughter, Ella,with the desire to capture Ella’s imagination and childhood games.
The Porier Family currently lives in remote Wyoming-drinking up the energies of desert mountain life.
G. E. Porier’s first published collection of photographic poetry, Grandmother’s Hands, was released in March 2013.
The first of the Shh Quiet Owl book series was launched in October 2013.


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