Michael Fadum – FOUR POEMS

Ode To Gabriel Dos Santos

He flew the noble bandito.  They tried to drink his bitter Mojito.
He was the Monarch who never made it to Mexico when they clipped his powdery wings.
A green light left him in the dark, lost to Top Town, chased by Serrano stained sharks.

Born into Locos and Greedy 13s, they’ve ruined the rep of the red, white and green.
All he wanted was a little law, but Johnny too bad ruined it all.
Stand up for a friend with a bottle to face.  They ruined his future and maybe his race.

He’s a thug who thinks, and carries his drink to one side and pours for two.
I witnessed his grace and the beautiful face of a man who fought for you.
We may soon follow or already swallow the pills that made us bad.
The red, white and blue should try to stay true and honor this native lost nino azul.

Because they’ll come a time when the cartels and crime have taken our little Havana.
And we can’t wonder why, they just wouldn’t die when you rolled up that dollar bill.


You little yellow grains with legs I can barely see.
We are at war over 451 and Mr. Bradbury.

He feared losing to fire, burned in acid to please your choir.
Now pages purged, you stormed and surged
The room stained red with dirt.

I thought we licked you; the battle fixed when Terminex sprayed the case.
But Torres found Babylon unbound. What a pity? Pat Frank was drowned
In your frothy green brew, and I found new respect for you.
The shelves came down you Pennywise clowns. It was then we found your warpath,
Carved through carpet seams, black mold and rotten oak beams.
You licked us bet, so show your set.  We’ll wipe you off Animal Farm.

I Buried the Victim out Back

A college kid tried to pick up two teens with a pistol.
He took a skateboard truck upside the head.
A man fueled by raw oysters and Green Jelly.

Some sad over-aged girl offered to write an A on my chest
in a broom closet when she passed my seat.
Tiresias came back as R Kelly.

Not every white man’s JFK,
the life preserver or the migraine headaches.
A man fueled by raw oysters and Green Jelly.

The old band witch hit on me.
She called my kid a lazy Mexican.
Tiresias came back as R Kelly.

My first sergeant harassed the supply woman.
She came to me.  We drank it off and had our say.
A man fueled by raw oysters and Green Jelly.

When they draw on you,
pay forty dollars for a new deck.
Tiresias came back as R Kelly.
A man fueled by raw oysters and Green Jelly.

Thank You Madiba

Nelson we needed you free, and I for you, you for me.
They’ve gone deaf at the ANC, but the world will call for your plea.
I learned from you what they fail to see, a rainbow flag eternity.

I want to run from the whitewashed walls, though
Much more roomy then a seven foot cell.
We sit inside,
While women are bound in a burka wrapped hell.

We needed you free, so the kids can see
That sitting only by your skin
Leaves you in a blue backed chair, lonely
With your thoughts chained to bits of a dead tree.

We can hear your call over the Vuvuzelas,
And the ivory crazed colonials and civil strife in Venezuela.
Though segregation still stands, we’ll make them see
That the meek of the world should be set free.
Michael Fadum has a graduate degree in Creative Writing and has been
published in several literary journals including The Absolute, DM Du
Jour, Blaze Vox and others. He really enjoys playing soccer, reading,
writing poetry and shouting the drunken chants of Liverpool FC.


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