Douglas Polk – 3 POEMS

Dead Souls

demons roam the streets of the city,
soul less bastard children,
products of sex,
instead of love,
addicted to self,
willing to do anything to feel alive,
dead souls pretending to live,
the reality,
life remains beyond their grasp.
At Loretta’s Graveside

a dragonfly came across the cemetery,
from the farthest corner,
zig-zagging its way to the graveside,
a symbol of serenity,
and renewal,
a beacon to its brethren,
a heralding angel,
the grave yard suddenly alive,
dragonflies arising everywhere,
from among the graves,
a welcoming community for the departing soul,
sacred and magical,
the parson’s prayers prayed,
the welcoming done,
the dragonflies wing away,
the mourners dry their tears,
and shuffle off to their cars.


a dog on the couch,
looks out the window,
barking at ghosts,
the young girl,
sits in the rocking chair,
pleading for protection,
the dog ignores her pleas,
though her ghosts real,
they evidently can’t be sensed,
can’t be seen,
the dog’s ghosts,
surly only make believe,
the ignorant beast,
still on the couch,
barking at nothing.
Douglas Polk is a poet living in the wilds of central Nebraska with his wife and two boys, two dogs and four cats. Polk has had over 400 poems published in over 80 publications within the last three years. 



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