Adreyo Sen – FIVE POEMS

The Fall
The beauty of her face was merely the possession of a strange and guilty secret.
Love exalted her to homeliness and struck her down to ordinary bliss.
The Silent Lake
This morning, the silence of the lake is the calm softness of your hand in mine.
On others, it is the frenzied soundlessness of your heartbeat as you pull away.
Perhaps when there is music in the air, I will hear you smile.I will be able to see again.
In the roar of the ocean, a pleading undertone.
We intimidate because we are really cold.
We have been judged by icy water.
The Children of the Tea Cup Woods
On my tea cup patterned blue, the children chase themselves through the woods, never knowing that to catch their disappearing arms would be to do themselves great harm: grown up, like me, they’d find themselves hunted through a frozen valley of cars.
The Return
When I was small, my Father carried me in his heart. Going to school, I could feel the comfort of his morning walk odour-ed shirt.
I grew and thus I was no longer safe in the vastness of my Father’s love. I was growing tiny and frail and mean, in need, but undeserving of a hug.
But all creatures return to their Father’s heart. Maimed and worn and tall again, moved to sadness, no longer street smart. Thus too will I return to a place I love.
And perhaps with my Father’s eyes I’ll see, I was not that bad after all. I’ll know again those songs I know when I had the loveliness of the blessed small.
Adreyo Sen, based in Kolkata, India, hopes to become a full-time writer.  He is pursuing his MFA at Stony Brook, Southampton and has been published at Danse Macabre and Kritya.



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