Courtney Leigh Jameson – 3 POEMS

Hollow gown

I sleep!—
with my corpse on
to stop
from scratching

I can sink
into silk
breaking in my dreams.

When I awake,
my skin bleeds
into the day.
I see!—
compulsive maggots
in my


My book will devour you;

crack open its spine, fold back its neck,
and howl through defensive ink.

Do you remember when
my book escaped
from the shipwreck,
reached its arms
into salted air
and took a heaving breath?

A chronicle of dead beasts washed up on page,
its letters—webs spun by the caffeinated spider.

My book marks its place in a carrion’s remains.

Wayward Ghost

Chocolate diamond heart,
hardened souls of feat,
I wander
in your immenseness—
your absolution
of openness,

passing by like a wisp
of transparent silver fish,
your veins gone

in the rushing crowd
of ghosts,
you’re splintered face—
my misplaced thorn,
lost in fingertip
not belonging to me:

how do I get you to fold
as your body did: enclosed
huddle of nameless chant—
I contemplate the ways:

it’s definitely the red one
and not the blue
that drowns me
and buries shoebox memories

of you.


Bio: Courtney Leigh Jameson recently graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California with an MFA in Poetry. Her work has appeared in Similar:Peaks and is forthcoming in Clockwise Cat. She currently resides in Arizona and is the The Bowhunter of White Stag Journal.

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