Joseph Santino Galino – WEIRD MUSIC

To strange people

The music plays

Just taking shape

Some shy from precious sound

The musical zephyr grooves through

The pebble bog

Dead tree branches crack

Rotting leaves stir

The music spreads gray

With a slithering presence

Putting to sleep

Dry aches within

The creatures it has caught

The music prowling black

Slaying as a parasite will

It stretches below

And strains to draw from the soul

All change at its behest

They fall over limp

Wearing music like jewelry inside

Without hope or worry

Many tremble without power

Trying to force free

It stretches and bends away

Oddly stealing their will

The musical motley will remove

Insomnia while just within

It lowers a sluice of strength

Entombing the mind

Everything loses glow

Ailing within a pond

Strange creatures all bedraggled

Listen to the music

The music creates lethargy

Occupying inside some creature

Presenting it’s strength

And proposing its will

With the music wielding

Of its terrible slow

Giving misery in time

Like witches malicious

It works many types of sorrow

It travels in strange places

Presently it lurks dark

Music drains as a leech

It closes eyes to black

It weaves its deadly charm


Joseph Santino Galino is currently a full time Student at Eastern Florida State College working to finish his associates degree. He loves everything macabre. He enjoys reading and writing in his spare time.



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