Ex lovers now friends, our hearts yet to mend

We walk in fear to be found

The public it thrives on forbidden delights

To hide in the open we are bound

By new loves we’ve sworn to love and adore

If only a way to have all

To this you reply “listen and try

To imagine what I’d do to be yours:

If I could transform, a child would be

If stumble I walk, my hand you would take

If fall to the ground, hold me once more

If hurt I become, a kiss to my sore

No need to hide, the public they’d fawn

Prying eyes abound, approval of all”


Jeff’s  short stories have appeared in markets including The Brooklyn Voice, eFantasy, Quail Bell Magazine, and forthcoming in AntipodeanSF of Australia. His poetry has been published in The Glass Coin. He is a Language Educator at St. John’s University, New York City.


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