Nahshon Cook – POEMS

The greatest


is love

(helping others

like you

help yourself):


pure and undefiled.


and just because

I don’t have time

for your shit

doesn’t mean

I don’t love you

I love myself

and don’t have time

for my shit either

A Poem About Two Men I Almost had Sex With

1) In the Sauna at the gym in Thailand:

me: please don’t touch me. I’m not interested

him: where you stay

me: i’m not telling you

him: do you know this fitness close next month

me: no, i didn’t. thanks for telling me

him: welcome. are you gay

me: yes

him: me, too

me: please don’t touch me. I’m not interested

him: it okay. we’re alone. you like bottom or top

me: i’m not telling you. i’m not interested

him:  i like to suck cock. i really good at it.

where you stay

me: please, don’t touch me. i’m not interested

him: where you live

me: i’m not telling you

him: you have a boyfriend

me: no

him: you alone

me: yes

him: me too

me: i’ve got to go now. nice meeting you. bye

him: bye

2) On Craigslist, over Christmas Holiday:

His cock and balls

hung down between his legs

in the photographed reflection of his ass,

which I liked a lot.

So, I read his ad

then messaged him,

received a response

saying yes he was single,

that he was a versatile bottom

and that he loved oral and getting rimmed.

We set a time to meet

but when I got out of the shower

and checked to see if he’d

left directions to his flat,

there was a email in my inbox

explaining how he had to cancel

because a friend called

and wanted him to come over and talk

and that he couldn’t say no

and that maybe we could meet another time.

I messaged him back

apologizing if I made him uncomfortable.

Then I thanked him,

wished him love,

and watched a documentary

about Jean Daniel Cadinot.

Nahshon Cook‘s poetry has appeared in two Cleo Parker Robinson Dance productions and at peace and interfaith conferences in Colorado which have included Mysticism and Social Change, A Celebration of Religious Freedom, and Race, Gender and Class in the Building of the Beloved Community,  Peace out Loud… for a change!, and the 2009 Denver Martin Luther King Day parade and march. He has had poems published in Divine Revolutions Magazine and Grafitti-Kolkata. His first collection of poetry A New Beginning is from “please” press.

We wish he would send us an updated bio.

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