The Shadow

We sit alone and watch the world
All different but similar to each other
Not opposed to all our differences
But trying to forget each other
In this waiting room of life

The opposite of each others shadows
Which are so indifferent
Even though we try to see each other
Our truer selves be in that shadow
Disclosed on walls no matter where

We try to be magnificent
Not torn apart
And the shadow shows no emotion
Because life has no spark
And you know that we must ignite it.

We are not soulless, untrue to life
Hiding life’s passions like our shadows
Our life should be transparent and true
Not like a dream which has a smoking view
For we are more than shadow.

Innocence Destroyed

We are not from seed
But from eternal love
Spontaneously born in God’s love
Manifested in human form
The everyday turmoil
Of existence
Puts us in endless conflict
With things not from above
We are all born
To learn the ways of God
But yet turn off

When I was a child
Thinking as a child
Came close to God
Made himself manifest
Older and care worn
I rethink my path
And decide to remain steadfast
No longer confused as before

Everyone else goes their way
Not seeing what needs to be found
Blinded like Justice
With hopes of making the right decision
Only to find blinded on one side
Delusional on the other
Everyone follows each other
Like swine falling off a cliff
The pearls left behind are carnage
For ravenous minds with no bliss

The end to Apocryphal is coming
The end none to soon… they hope
The banish children reap deadly sins
And innocents torn from the womb
Find a new home
Their spirits no longer roaming

Should you not be responsible?
Should you not care?
Even the oyster respects the pearls
It is its legacy
Where is yours? Is it dying?

Supposition on Political Correctness

How do they explain their erring ways?
Or the fact that the mind sees unclearly
Or perhaps they are disillusioned by the wretched life of their wrenched selves
And continue on their persistent paths

The mind forms barriers
And blocks the sane
Children outcast from their mothers
Do not see the Sun

The soulless ones
Have no mercy
They reek and play, chaos causes disarray
Demons make sport with them all day

Politically correct they say
It is all okay
You must accept or be rejected
“I have friends to keep!”

Have you lost your soul?
Have you lost your mind?
The Emperors New Clothes
“I didn’t see that”

Why you are unopposed
You are my friend
(if we see I to I)
It is hard to kick against the Goad.

Money is no problem
I’ll buy that
You will?
I have a charity to fulfill

It’s taxing on my nerves
This President, that President
What about that?
I can run it better

All these cry babies
They want this
They want that
I am not your mother

What then shall I say?
You please one
Hurt the other
No decision is ever really good

You won’t like the solution
There will never be an equal resolution
For many selfish hands
Do make silent fools

Exhortation on Death – Not Triumphant

There are no clouds in my eyes
For I really see
The rainbow on the horizon
With all its harmony
And the color wheel is turning
Like a Kaleidoscope
And cubic forms are forming
With no end unlike a moat

The other side is not oblivion
It is not dark and harsh
Ornately forms extraordinary images
(Not with the human spectrum)
Only after Charion’s boat.
But with celestial images
With angels not so remote
Chaperoned and called, but only after deaths scheduled tour

With scythe and hood and ghostly claw
It takes the form of him who passed
And did not pay a fee
Free at last he scouts again
He is on call
He does not meet us at heaven’s door
Cause into light he cannot pass

But the guardian of your soul
Goes up to heaven fast
Your suffering has ended
While Satan sighs at last
He sees his day is coming
And to heaven’s gates he cannot past.


I am a wife and mother of two young adults, have a dog and cat, and love to be creative in all things since my childhood; hence, I consider myself a renaissance person. My publishing credits include illustrations for a previous employer’s newsletter, and publishing technical and non-technical writings on-line. My WordPress blog address is

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