Kyle Hemmings – WILL YOU?

Will you still love me if I melt before glass girl
figurines or turn astronaut in your unfinished
pink room. You’ll lose herself in early morning
street fairs, in the forever-lad aesthetics
behind bubble eyes, in EuroBeat stations I forgot
to turn off. In the middle of the night,
you will wake. I might never. You’ll dance
Para Para with shadow hands. Or perform
wolf-whistles and tongue thrusts at a sliver
of shy moon. You’ll protect me from city girls
stronger than I. For breakfast, you’ll serve me
soft vegetables and the part of yourself
that is no longer fleshy.





Kyle Hemmings lives and doodles in New Jersey. He was dropped off by a stork and landed on some drunk’s roof in Piscataway. He’s been lost every since, but rich in wandering spirit.


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