An aural blessing

Engraved in the stones

Lain before the Holy Sepulcher of the ancients


Before the known

Prehistoric civilization

Before evidence


An engraving written in chains

Carried by ghosts

Passing through on their heavenly procession to witness the finale of universal expression


A dominant clap of musical strength

A percussive life

Stepping out onto the shale’s edge


On a beach of flat stone

Where the purity of its rock has yet to give in to the pulverizing stir of eons of waves

Filtering through the mineral core


A deathly call

Cleansing the lip of earth

The tongue reveals itself as spirit emanating from the ocean floor


As a mythical being, a great monster

Pressing us onlookers beyond into our deepest fear

Of a freedom to imagine the sacred


Appearing as an awakening of new sensation

From a world full of alien emotion

An over-world healing our presence through cherishing sound as a divine listening to the outpouring of human inspiration


To feel the muses that inspired Greece, Egypt and India, Peru

And on

To violate the nightmarish round of a galaxy’s spell over this lonely Earth


Scarred with the heavy labor of a dreamless pondering

Bound workers strive over the capital building

Burned in the dwindling fires of an erect monument


Clinging to solar light over millennia

Exclaiming a proud enjoyment of song

Announced in the sacrificial blood of male birthing


The truth-telling soothsayer of feminine energy sits

Welcoming outside Egypt’s remote Sufi gatherings

In a clime of conjoined wonder at the unbroken gamble of belief


On these narrow streets

Stretching as tendrils of the early universe

Un-accumulating, sparse electromagnetic Love


An impersonal touch from the creator of silent space

Married to present sound

In an offering of union


A gift to death

That in their immortal union

Life may arise to find its cosmic suitor: poetry




Blasphemous Hold


What blasphemous hold took root with all five fingers

Direct, over the manacled handle of the pubis

Molded and re-formed into an inescapable awareness?


These surroundings, alien

Ghosts in and around dream



Speak that mystery

Conveyed in classical jazz intuition


Highly composed sanity

On the page of Eastern Europe’s Jewish blare

Of irreligious awe


Upheld in the ascetic throat

A wheel, spun uncontrollably unto the Dragon’s bane


Beneath the genital smoke

An enraged pyre feeds on death


The fantastical call to knowledge

Youth and light steer the mystic lyre

In an engaged, silent way


Too full of Europe’s smoldering pride

Immediately prior to its incentive

The pleasure of both World Wars, fought


An imperial lactation

Over the emptied bosom of Native America


Who waded in?

Star-crossed with love’s brilliant luster

Painted across telescopic wires

Befuddling the blues-smith, fond

With pulled hurt, inside the elegant world

Created by esoteric domains, of music

Stolen by the savage, candlelit Germanic prisons

Of ultranationalist awakening


At the dawn of Semitic immigration

To coast inside the veil of a valiant award

To wandering, in the perplexing philosophical sunlight

Of 40-numbered introspection


From ancient Darfurian princedoms

Enslaved under the crooked branch of an Islamic shame

Dismembering the pyramid’s final stand in the brain of Africa


Now, eluded by a strong burst of sap

Stuck to the mythic vine

A living symbol


On the green page

Talking about currency in America

Collecting the first of ancient colonial heights


With arcane necessity

In the geometrically sacred rites

Infused into metallurgists

Following the coldly calculated exaction

Numbers of genius design


From our initial thought

A wandering energy

Still, transfixed within

At the crystalline bird-shaped core

Turned to stone

Rusty Kjarvik is an emerging writer, world music percussionist and artist. His poetry has been accepted in various online and print publications including 3:AM Magazine, The Body Electric Anthology (and/or), Steel Bananas, ditch, and Marco Polo Arts Magazine. He has also published visual art, and has an exhibition at He performs music regularly with Vi An Diep and lives in Calgary, Alberta where he blogs at


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