Richard Marx Weinraub DOUBLET

You see me on the street, a cherry heart;

my table’s set for you to feast upon.

You know you’ve found the real thing — finally —


affordably — for, say, two hundred bucks —

not bad for booty — I mean a ruby

laid in the Golden Mile of San Juan.


You have so many syns. from which to choose —

so many fakes dressed up in diamond drag:

there’s YAG (real name: Yttrium A. Garnet)


and Galliant (GGG in the trade);

there’s Boule that drips as cradles incarn it —

­but only I am art — desire’s slag.


My seamless face reflects cohesiveness;

the king’s corundum and the people’s quartz

are fused in me with a glue of scarlet —


my clear pavilion crimsoned by my crown.

Call me your love or call me a harlot;

reality is what the heart distorts.



Related to the Marx Brothers through his mother, Richard Marx Weinraub was born in New York City in 1949; he was a Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico from 1987 through 2010; he now lives in Newark, NJ. A book of his poetry entitled Wonder Bread Hill was published in 2002 by the University of Puerto Rico Press. His poetry has appeared in many journals including DM, The Paris Review, Asheville Poetry Review, South Carolina Review, The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, North American Review, Measure, The Evansville Review, Slate, and River Styx. A Spanish translation of Wonder Bread Hill was recently published by Terranova Press. A chapbook of his poetry entitled Heavenly Bodies was published in 2008 by Poets Wear Prada, and a poem from it was nominated for a 2009 Pushcart Prize. In 2012, Poets Wear Prada will publish his full-length book of poetry entitled Lapidary.

Read more of Richard’s work in DM LIII





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