Ali Abdolrezaei WHITE READING


Ali Abdolrezaei

(Abol Froushan, trans.)

Read this line white

A bit black this one     I’m reading white

I am all dressed in black

Please return to the first line

Confess    you heard something from Nothing     Write!

When you return to the next line        cross it out

In the notebook that ended last night

The rubber is on the last line

of the poem that composed the old readers    pick it up

Rub out this whole page white

And the next few pages too   oh I don’t know!

If you could dress me in white

Rub out all my lines

Then you could white-read me

Except when you reach the dead end

of this notebook

Again write     Nothing!

I’m all in black

Just rub out all the rubber

Except on my last remaining line   please write me

No! cross me out         No! I cross out

 Read more of Ali’s work on his new-minted page in dm xlviii ~ bel ennui ~


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