Shahidul K K Shuvra THE RICHEST POOR

A rich person was reducing himself
Negation of negation
Gradual distancing from wealth, money and
Even from himself,
Collapsing his body into mind, then soul
His macro level existence has changed its galaxies
This is a big crunch to go back to root
Moving beyond in terms of start and end
His destiny towards no definition
Micro level, the subatomic dance without formulas

Continuous development by dedicating his wealth to nobody
He never did charity because he doesn’t like the poor
He thinks he is poor because he doesn’t like himself
Homeopathic force stimulating his molecules
Gigantic immunization to digest the earth along with hell and heaven
Less medicine is healthy for him
Without medicine he will not die ever

Counting down his money making him stronger
Wealth sickened him, but less funds cured him,
To rise the level of nothing
Living out of his identity is the best possible panacea for him
Curing himself without logic, without doctors and gods
Released from burdened stuff
Reduction to zero is the rise of soul
Out of death and danger

Shahidul K K Shuvra
is by profession a journalist for a daily newspaper, specializing in IT & Science. He has written and published over 500 hundred articles, reports and interviews, through these popularizing science and freethinking in Bangladesh. Besides Western philosophy he is avid reader of Chinese and Indian philosophies. He can be reached at

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