Frederick Zydek – Silver Tone News Clips: Cosmo Theater 1945

FDR is elected to his fourth term in January but dies
April 13th.  A farmer named Truman becomes
president.  Thirteen days later Mussolini is executed.
By May 7th, Germany surrenders – war in Europe ends.
A month later, fifty countries sign the United Nations
Charter and the Red Cross wins The Nobel Peace Prize
Ernie Pyle, the “GI’s war correspondent,” is killed by
a sniper’s bullet on the Ryukyu Islands; the Philippines
are liberated by the United States as is the island
of Okinawa and the city of Rangoon, Burma.  Prisoners
of war from the Battle of the Bulge are set free.  Uncle
Frank is among them.  His name is not mentioned
on the news, but we know from a telegram he’s alive.
He does not know his daughter has been ill or that my
grandfather drove his wife into Tacoma to the hospital
late one night or that it saved her life.  By August,
the silver screen will tell us about atom bombs dropped
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The Japanese will submit
to an unconditional surrender by September 2nd.
By December, there will be bubble gum
in the Sweet Shop again and news about fashions.

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